Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Interesting Search Words #10

Interesting Search Words #10

Weird stuff sought after by weird people leading them to this humble blog.

1. haruhi being punched - As much as I like the show, sometimes I think the kid is just begging to get hit.

Too bad Itsuki stopped him. The kid had it coming. But
then the whole universe would have gone in the tank.

2. akagi ritsuko laughing - "Yes! With this device I shall rule the world. Igor! Throw the switch!" link

Beware! Mad scientist! Boo!
Credit: Gainax

3. nazi konata - Gee. I never knew what her politics were until now. link

"My darling fuhrer please!" Ah ..... Nazis! Aren't they just adorable?
They're so cute when they're little! Credit: Sunahime 

4. asuka demotivational - She is at that!

Credit: Kura-chan

5. do not mess up with hentai - It doesn't need your help!

6. haruhi suzumiya bunny body - Try saying that fast three times!

    God Knows:   Japanese   English

Who would have thought the Second Coming would be an
ADHD afflicted Playboy bunny? Credit: Kyoto Animation

7. sos brigade as evangelion - Two great shows. One GREAT crossover! 

    Haruhi   Evangelion

The SOS Brigade takes over defense of the Earth. Clockwise from bottom: Haruhi "Asuka"
Suzumiya, Mikuru "Misato" Asahina, Yuki "Rei" Nagato, Ritsuko "Tsuraya" Akagi,
Itsuke "Kawarou" Koizume, & Shinji "Ten Times the Whine Kyon" Ikari

8. neon genesis evangelion - Not only does everyone "drink the Koolaid", everyone IS the Koolaid!

     End of Evangelion review here.

     FLCL/Fooly Cooly review here.

    Third Impact: Japanese ("Getting tanged" around 2:35)  
                           English ("Getting tanged" around 1:13. Poor video quality.)

Credit: RetroSushi

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  1. "neon genesis evangelion - Not only does everyone "drink the Koolaid", everyone IS the Koolaid!"

    Jay, may I PLEASE gank this for a shirt? I'll give you one (he wheedled).