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FLCL/Fooly Cooly: It's A Weird 'Un

Watch it! That babe is sizin' ya up for a whackin'! L-R Mamimi Samejima,
Naota Nandaba, Haruko Haruhara & Kanti. Credit: Gainax Production IG.

                                      FLCL/Fooly Cooly: It's A Weird 'Un

                                                                   Jay Agan

      FLCL is the anime that answers the question: Huh? Actually it doesn't answer anything. I don't think it questions anything either.

      There's this kid, Naota Nandaba, & he's got a problem. A whole buncha problems really. About 12, just hitting puberty, & like any guy that age, is kinda messed up. His dad has little time for him, running a business & publishing a scandal sheet 'n all. His brother's away in the States playing pro baseball.

      It doesn't help his brothers' 17 year old girl friend, Mamimi Samejima, is hitting on him. Even if she's a year under what the law would call a pedo, it's still creepy as all get out. Oh yeah. She may be an arsonist. There seems to be some connection between her & mysterious fires happening in the area.

      Then there's a girl in his class, Eri Ninamori, who's quite fond of him. Jealous too. Not happy at all with an "older woman" pursuing the object of her affections.
      As if it wasn't strange enough, there's this space alien chick, Haruko Haruhara, who's also seemingly hot after his underage bod. Turns out she's just rankin' on him to keep him off balance so she can use him as a "portal" to draw her enemies out into the open for battle & find her actual "boyfriend" (We are to assume that incredibly strange creature is in her age group.). It doesn't help the situation any when she takes up residence at the kids' home as a live in maid/menace sleeping in the same room as he. Wholesome family fare indeed.

      Oh yeah. The space babe is an ultraviolent whacko using her Vespa scooter & bass guitar to beat the krap not only out of the "enemy" but of the kid as well. A mandatory prelim to luring the "bad guys" latest manifestation to a fight. By the way, the enemy appears by emerging out of the kids' fore head. You gotta see it to know what I'm sayin'. The first enemy, Kanti the robot, eventually sides with psycho chick & and also stays at Naotas' house.

      Seems corporate intrigue is also involved, with the medical profession, government, & large eyebrows. What the ..... ?

      I guess the ultimate goal is not to decipher or read anything into it (The opportunities are endless.) as much as you are supposed to "enjoy" it. I don't know about that. Maybe you're supposed to get into the confusion. Not sure if I want to .

      The title, FLCL, is pronounced Fooly Cooly (Furi Curi). It's sorta kinda explained in comic book form in episode 1. Not clear, but may have something to do with an old rock song and/or "gettin' jiggy down there". Wether this show is part of a plot to make pedophilia more acceptable or is just a confusing jumble of anime weirdness is not clear. I do know this is not the kind of anime you'd intro neophytes with. Or church groups for that matter.

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