Friday, July 29, 2011

Krap I Bought This Week

Yeah. That's about right. Unfortunately, I figured the pattern out the
moment I saw it!

       With all these "stuff I bought this week" articles cluttering up anime blogs, I thought I'd try my hand at it. And so .....
                                             Krap I Bought This Week


                                                                Jay Agan

      Here's a list of goodies I got at a grocer in the METROPOLIS of Delaware, Ohio.

      One bottle of BLEACH.

      A carton of CREAM LEMON soda.

      A gallon of STRAWBERRY MARSHMALLOW ice cream.

      M&Ms, Snickers, Zagnut, can't forget my CANDY CANDY.

      Small jar of PAPRIKA.

      Latest issue of Famous MONSTERs of Filmland.

      I'm racking my MEMORIES but I can't seem to recall anything else. As it was, I ran my card at the U-Scan & INITIALeD my X in the little window. Prices these days. I've a good mind to tell the grocery chain to go fly a KITE!

      Yeah, I know. Lame. Articles like this happen when you're hard up for material. Shoot, anime wasn't even mentioned. There'll be better posts in the future. See ya .....

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  1. Fuck, I laughed when I realized your links aren't actually the household items.

    That said, an idea: you could make some satire post that really does list, down to the minute, every tiny little useless thing you do buy (e.g. a cucumber, three tomatoes, an apple, some salt).

  2. The idea was to point out what a waste these "filler" articles are.

    I write grocery lists every week. Don't know how I could make a satire post out of that except in the way I just did.