Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last Exile: One Pound In A Two Pound Bag

The show didn't seem near as colorful to me. Credit: Gonzo

                                 Last Exile: One Pound In A Two Pound Bag


                                                                     Jay Agan

      I Can't give a detailed review of this anime as I saw it only once & have no desire to see it again.

      I got Last Exile at Anime Punch/Armageddicon 6 back in April at the Fast Food Anime booth. I was all set to like this & prepared to dislike the two Evangelion Rebuild flicks I also got from the same. Turned out to be the other way around.

      A young "vanship" pilot and his navigator working as airmail couriers in an overritualized guild are caught up in a war involving two nations & an advanced but decadent, sky dwelling, elf eared aristocracy holding a monopoly on technology. They're all going for the ultimate prize:  Exile, a lost "colonizer" ship (With formidable defenses of its own.) floating in a vortex known as the "Grand Stream". A certain little girl is needed to say the magic words (Abracadabera, alakazam. Hocus pocus, flippity flam! No, not quite.) & presto! The right people win out & we end up with an "all is bright & beutiful" ending. I'll never get back the time I wasted on this.

      Boring, drab, overlong. A 13 ep series stretched out to twice as long. You would expect some stand alone eps in 26 but each one hinged upon the others. Just how many do you need to tell a simple story? The artwork, an OK blend of hand & CGI is offset by its dinginess. Dark, dull with "swimming pool" green & gray alternately predominating. It made Kinos' Journey (Which I like.) seem kaliedescopically technicolor in comparison. The backdrop, the steampunk world of Prestor, had "depth" but wasn't helped by the aforementioned coloration. Greek/cyrillic is the alphabet of the various cultures. Not really complaining. I can't read Kanji either.

      Sorry this review is so short. I just couldn't get into this show & couldn't wait for it to end.

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