Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Auto Scam Turnaround: You Meet the Nicest People In A Honda

Yeah. I'd hit that.

                  Auto Scam Turnaround: You Meet the Nicest People In A Honda


                                                                   Jay Agan

      Jersey in the late 80s. She had an older Honda. She wanted a Camaro. The trade in wouldn't have been near enough for a down payment. She figured the insurance return, should it be wrecked or stolen, would be more than enough.

      So she removes all personal items, & has her boyfriend follow her across the Hudson to Harlem. Yes THAT Harlem.

      Parking it on a busy street, she leaves it unlocked, keys in the ignition. Then it's back to Jersey with her boyfriend. After a while she calls the police & reports her car missing.

      A couple weeks later, she gets a call from the local constabulary. New York City Impound called with the "good news". Her car had been found (Oh joy! Oh rapture!).

      On inquiring where it was found she was told the exact location. Where she left it. Sitting for almost two weeks in Harlem, doors unlocked, keys in ignition & no one had touched it!

      She drove the Honda a while longer & finally did get her camaro. Hopefully she doesn't look down on some folks as much as she used to.

                               Article copyright © 7-20-2011 Jay Agan

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  1. Who exactly was she looking down on, though? The people of Harlem?

    Interesting post that does bring to attention the state of our society. Did you make this up or was it based on a happening?

  2. What little I knew of her (She was a friend of a relative.) she seemed to look down on everybody.

    Yes. This actually did happen.