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Angel Beats English Dub: First Impressions or What I Got This Week

Iwasawa & the moron. Of course I mean that in a nice way but you knew that. Right?
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                Angel Beats English Dub: First Impressions or What I Got This Week


                                                                      Jay Agan

      My birthday present to myself came earlier than expected. I placed the order at Amazon Friday night. "ETA" 8-4 to 8-6. Came 8-3. No way was I going to pay an extra fifteen bucks to get it 8-1. I waited months for the release, I could wait a few more days.

      Opened the package (snail mail) & there they were. Angel Beats & Kiss Me Deadly. The one I waited for & Ralph Meeker as Mike Hammer. Mickey Spillane & anime, what a combo! Va va voom, Mikey! Pow!

      When I read of the English dub casting I had misgivings. Luci Christian as Iwasawa? I immediately thought of the "bad girls" Ms. Christian VOed in the past. Kaname Chidori /Mikura Suzuki/Miss Yukari as the driven musician? No Way! I thought the part of Yuri to be more fitting. My concern lessened as I viewed the eighth ep of Kinos' Journey: "Land of Wizards-Potentials of Magic" wherin she voiced Nimya, the aviatrix. And you know what? She did Iwasawa more than well!

      Brittney Karbowsky, by the way, does an excellent job as Yuri, the girl gunning for God.

      I at first thought Hilary Haag as Yui to be a little too intense, but as the character is that way to begin with, hey, how else could one play the irritating, hyper, too cute to live (She is dead after all.), lovable dipwad?

      Months ago, I You Tubed the series in the original Japanese. I got the impression the show was rather somber with comedic elements here & there. I was a little surprised when I read reviews saying it was more a comedy than I thought. Now watching it in English, I see what they mean. Comedy, at least in my case, is easier heard in ones' own language.

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  1. I saw it in the original Japanese. I found the humor perfectly understandable, and I absolutely loved it. But maybe I should watch an episode or two of the dub to compare :)

  2. Having seen the show again more than once, I think they may have rushed a bit with the English dub. Some of the voices to the minor characters don't seem to quite "fit" for me.

    Here's some more of my thoughts on dubs: