Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lifeforce/Return of the Living Dead: Two That Left Me Cold

Patrick Stewart accomodating Steve Railsback on the trail of the "energy
vampire" in Lifeforce. Credit: Tri-Star Pictures

                      Lifeforce/Return of the Living Dead: Two That Left Me Cold


                                                                   Jay Agan

      After having done a previous article on End of Evangelion, I got to thinking about other films I thought disturbing for the same reason(s). These two came to mind.

      While both have a babe running around butt-nekkid for much of the picture, I found that more discombobulating than disturbing. As much as I like being discombobulated as much as the next guy (Sin is fun for a season, then you pay.), I don't think it adds much to the story though it certainly does catch the attention.

      It was their respective "takes" on the afterlife that got to me.

      Lifeforce involves "energy vampires" whose goal is to store up human souls for a 75 year "food" supply every time Halleys' comet comes around. Return of the Living Dead postulates ones' soul stays in the grave & experiences the pain of rot & loneliness forever. Or at least until you finally go to dust. Both forecast a miserable "hereafter" thus showing life as nothing more than a sick joke. I disagree.

      God created us for the purpose of loving Him. The spiritual meaning of life is "To love the Lord thy God with all your heart, soul, mind & strength, & to love thy neighbor as thyself."(Mark 12:30 & 31) It is partially through this one can avoid a dismal eternity (For specifics, click on this link here. It is imperitive you read this, particularly the second half.).

      I refuse to think of life as a colossal, meaningless joke. I don't want to miss out on eternity & the opportunity to delve into the greatest mind ever. I've many questions to ask & wonders to experience (1st Corinthians 2:9). We are all looking at eternity & I want nothing  in my way. "Messages" in movies included.
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