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Of Dr. Faustus & Color TVs

The film where Richard Burton ends up going to the "other place." Detroit!
Credit: Columbia Pictures
                                           Of Dr. Faustus & Color TVs


                                                                  Jay Agan

      For a couple summers in the late 60s, Dad rented a cabin in western Kentucky (The "Land Between the Lakes" area.) where we'd spend a weeks' vacation. Touring the sites & museums & lots & LOTS of swimming.

      The second year, Dad was able to get the resort staff to replace the black & white TV that came with the cabin with a color set. Now it may not seem so important today, but back then, color TV was still a big deal ..... & expensive.

      It was on our second day the color set arrived. Physically it was smaller than the b & w it replaced. As Mom & baby sister were out for a walk, Dad told us kids not to tell them & see if they'd notice.

      Later the set's on & finally Mom took note. When baby sister made no comment, she was asked if there was any difference.

      "It's little-er", she replied.

      She noticed the sets' size but not the picture. We thought that cute.

      Later that week, the Richard Burton/Liz Taylor flick "Doctor Faustus" was aired (I think it was ABC.) We sat in rapt attention, not because it was scary as it was interesting (Didn't think of it as a play. I thought it was going to be a horror movie.). In it, Liz Taylor played the principle female parts & ultimately dragged Dick to "heck & gone". All right, HELL!

      Later on the way home, to help pass the time, we speculated as to where Satan was in that flick. Baby sister said maybe Taylor was.

      "You could be right Sheila," was Dads' reply.

      I guess the observation about the TVs' size was due to "lateral thinking".

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  1. My first experience with color TV was visiting at a family friend's house on Wed. night, and seeing "Lost in Space" IN COLOR for the first time. It was a weird one with Hans Conreid as a knight.

    I had trouble following the story. The COLOR got in the way.

    To this day, I prefer doing B&W photography, and watching B&W movies.