Sunday, August 14, 2011

Space Aliens: It's What I've Been Saying All Along

Credit: Max Cannon

                             Space Aliens: It's What I've Been Saying All Along
      Max Cannon has really hit the nail on the head. As countless movies, publications, & other media have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, space aliens, ETs, etc. are NOT to be trusted! If they're not trying to eat us, they're out to enslave us or worse (Hentai aficionados {An almost as weird bunch.} take note!)! They're green, drip slime, & eat babies! You have been warned.

      Max Cannon has got to be one of the greatest purveyers of weird humor ever. His Red Meat is up there with Addams, Larson, & Wilson. For more of his craziness, check out his website.

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