Monday, October 10, 2016

Can't Afford Obama, Can't Afford Clinton

Can't Afford Obama, Can't Afford Clinton

Well ... I guess I'm now expected to hypocritically wring my hands over things someone said ELEVEN YEARS AGO IN A PRIVATE CONVERSATION. The kind of things I myself say when women aren't around. I don't think so.

I'm also known to tell guys to "tone it down" when ladies are about.

And that's the point. No women were around when Mr. Trump said those things. He's a lot more polite than you think.

I could say Mr. Trump was a Democrat when he said those things but that would be ridiculous. The truth is that all men are pigs and should constantly be apologizing to the ends of their days and beyond ... NOT.

Meanwhile a slew of GOP beta males have withdrawn their support of Mr. Trump.

Among whom are:

Rep. Paul Ryan - Cuck, cuck, cuck, cuck, cuck-servative.

Gov. John Kasich - I haven't voted for you since your betrayal of gun owners in back in '92 over the "assault weapon" ban.

Sen. Rob Portman - You DO want to win this election ... Don't you? Maybe not ...

Sen. Kelly Ayotte - Yeah she's not a guy but beta in every other way. While you're writing in Mike Pence as a vote instead of hitting the button/lever for Mr. Trump, that in no way goes out as a vote against Clinton ... And Hillary thanks you from the bottom of her heart. Providing of course she has one ... Or you for that matter.


I would however caution those who support Mr. Trump that you NOT with-hold your vote from Republican congressional candidates who have stopped supporting him. Do you really want the little socialist horrors running against them to be in office?

A bunch of wishy washy Republicans in Congress are far better than pimping Democrats.

Yeah, I know, not by much but hey ... You gotta' work with what you get and you REALLY don't want to get Democrats. I know I don't!


While there are political reasons I'm hitting the button for Mr. Trump, I also have personal ones:

I had a new career just starting in 2009. I had to hang that dream up, one of the reasons being the worsening economy. Yeah, Bush the Second may have started that but his successor doubled/tripled down on it. Thank you Obama and friends.

My (Now mandatory.) health insurance increased fifty dollars a month. That's 600 dollars a year. I downgraded to the Bronze plan that now costs more than what the Silver plan did at the old price.

My IRA is about ten grand less than what it should be. It took a 3000 dollar hit from last year alone.

The yearly interest on my bank account isn't enough to buy a Happy Meal.

Can't afford Obama.

Can't afford Clinton.


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