Monday, April 2, 2012

Interesting Search Words #12

Interesting Search Words #12

The folks out there are getting weirder 'n weirder. More strange requests from even stranger people.

1. godzilla hentai - I can only imagine what that'd be like. And I don't want to!

2. applejack is dark matter - All depends on which website you go to.

An "animorph" of the Applejack character from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.
As stated in a previous article: If the show was more like this, I just might watch it!

3. william shatner nudes - Another thing I don't want to talk about.

4. william shatner demotivational - I think the above is pretty much that.

5. rei if someone asks if you are god you say yes - Uh! ..... Yes! ..... No! ..... Uh! ..... I mean ..... RUN AWAY! ..... Yikes! ..... Splat! ..... burble, burble .....

6. azumanga daioh girls older - Well, here's one of Chiyo-chan at least.

The pigtails say Chiyo. The glasses say Yomi. Seems as if
Tomo never "grew up". Why am I not surprised?

7. creepy dark anime hideout - In the words of one of Mitt Romneys' heroes: "This is the place!"

8. hentai nazi - When being a regular nazi just isn't enough.

Achtung! Das ist genugh! Zere are no hentai nazis here. You vill move along.

9. ayumu life - Is that an Amway kind of thing?

Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga: She's a state of mind.

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  1. Re: #2-

    Well, then, they wouldn't be PONIES, would they?
    Your argument is invalid.

    Re: #8- The closest I've come to hentai Nazis is singing "Springtime for Hitler" whilst watching "The Producers". The REAL one.

    Re: #9- I need a drink. (Spamway...been there, done that. There is an overarching truth to ALL MLM systems: The House ALWAYS wins!) Y'know how they preach "buy the books and tapes each week"? Guess where the Diamonds get all their money. Hint: it ain't from sellin' soap!

    1. Re:#2 - I'd rather they were "bunnies".
      My arguement is valid.

      Re: #8 - By the "REAL one" you mean the original from 1968? Always liked those high stepping SS girls.

      Re: #9 - Isn't the real money in those systems to be made in selling "franchises"?

  2. Bunnies...You moved the goalpost. But yes, bunnies. I will put up a video at the Plumbline tonight.

  3. Jay, the dirty little secret is the ancillary organisations created by Diamonds to"help" the Amwayites be successful. The cardinal rule is inspirational books and tapes, sold by the Diamond's organisation. Every week a book and tape. Ka-CHING!

    Yes, the 1968 Mostel/Wilder version.