Friday, January 6, 2012

Interesting Search Words #4

Beep! Beep! Beep!

                                                    Interesting Search Words #4

     Ah yes. More of those interesting search words that have led others to this paragon of culture that is my little blog. And so .....

1. charlie brown bites the kite eating tree - Ole Charlie has had to bite a lot of things. link

2. clean hentai - There is such a thing!? Are you sure?

3. a pope bird - Is that anything like a bishop budgie? A Catholic cockatoo maybe? link

4. tribble demotivational - Once they get started, they really are. See what I mean.

5. three stooges civil war episode - The episode was called Uncivil War Birds ..... Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk! Something related here.

6. kyon disappointed - So what else is new? Check him out here.

7. cthulhu humor - You'll DIE laughing! Yuck it up here & here.

8. the happy end of evangelion - Where!? Where!? Not here.

9. lolicon go to the doctor - He will probably diagnose you as a very sick person.

10. neon genesis evangelion desktop wallpaper shinji - More like desktop doormat Shinji. Asuka? Take him outside & beat the snot out of him!  link

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  1. Clean of those hot springs stories, mayhap?

  2. Are hot springs/beach episodes a mandatory requirement in anime, hentai or otherwise?

  3. Of course...just following the "clean" aspect.
    OT- Punch is having two cons this year. "Revoluticon" will be the normal spring event...just not on Easter. Michael learned that is a losing proposition. The other is Dec. 21-23, "Armageddicon" celebrating the putative Mayan calendar end of the world. I plan on doing both.

  4. Am planning on both. Hey maybe the rapture/3rd Impact/Day of Flight will happen.

    Oops! Tipped my hand there. Planning on doing a review of Haibane Renmei after seeing it. Now if it would just get here! I ordered it a week ago. Ah yes, this is the time of instant gratification.

    What ever happened to "Allow at least 30 days for delivery"?