Thursday, January 26, 2012

GODZILLA! ..... Has Arrived!

A sorta kinda "demotivational". Got this from Bits & Pieces.

                                                      GODZILLA! ..... Has Arrived!

      Had preordered The Criterion Collections' "redo" of Godzilla/Gojira & it appeared in my mailbox yesterday. From a quick look at both discs it's everything they said about picture/sound quality & more.

      Will be watching the "Americanized" version (Godzilla King of the Monsters) tonight. I'm saving the "original" (Gojira) viewing this weekend with friends. Am so looking forward to that!

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  1. What snacks should be served for the two different cuts?

  2. Burgers 'n fries for the Raymond Burr version (Notice I didn't say weinies!).

    For the original, the Yaki sisters: Suki & Teri.

    Coke for both. After all, things go better .....