Saturday, January 14, 2012

Interesting Search Words #5

      The nice thing about this weekly "column" is that I hardly do any work. People just "send" me material. Here's this weeks goodies wot gotz some people ta dis here blog.

1. rei ayanami hi def - Hi def, low def ..... who cares? Run like heck!

Credit: Shawn Merrow

2. big brown anime rodent - Certainly not ..... Hamtaro!?

3. diamond hypnotized sailor moon - Such a superficial, materialistic kid.

4. anime teen full body template - DIY hentai?

5. azumanga daioh goes bad - Those kids have been known to be the poster children for juvenile delinquency from time to time.

6. hi ya cthulhu - Well hello yourself. This anything like Hello Kitty?

7. GODZILLA+REI+AYANAMI - Oh for the luv a ..... You gotta be kidding me! First third impact ..... & now this! Talk about a double whammy! Might make for one heck of a puddle of LCL.

Shawn Merrow has made a lot of anime related "demotivational posters". Check 'em out here.

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