Thursday, January 19, 2012


Please call, write, fax, or email your Representative and Senator and tell them (perhaps a bit more politely) to vote down SOPA (U.S House of Representatives) and PIPA (U.S. Senate).

These are bad news for free speech on the internet. Let them know now. Also, tell them not to sponsor them.

Find your Representative's info.

Find your Senator's info.


  1. But...but...but...
    SOMEONE must save us from the anime torrenters, and the kids who "share" Lady GaGa songs!!!

    It's TEOTWAWKI!!!!!!!!!!!

    WORSE THAN Y2K!!!!!!!

  2. Think of the children! THE CHILDREN!! You know. The ultimate "excuse" for banning video games, guns, porno, TV programs, & anything else our would be saviors would like to control. I mean, after all, we're too lazy/cowardly to get involved with the kids ourselves, might as well have the benevolent government do it for us. Isn't that what we pay our taxes for?

    Save us o' great, wise, & all knowing ones! SAVE US FROM OURSELVES! We're so lost without you!

    You're not a fan of Lady Caca are you?

  3. I am a fan of very little Modern Music. (By my lights, music died after the Eighties.) So no.

    I did think the Katy Perry / Elmo song was great, and completely did not get the furor over it.

  4. Jay, Jay...this post was good, but not five days good! ;^3