Monday, January 2, 2012

Invasion U.S.A.: Darn Commies!

Lobby card for Invasion U.S.A.

                                                         Invasion U.S.A.: Darn Commies!


                                                                                   Jay Agan

      This film is considered by many to be a crappy little movie. Well I happen to like crappy little movies &, as it turns out, for some of the same reasons people of a certain political "bent" turn their noses up at this one.

      They'll go into its' being low budget. OK. They'll talk about its' overuse of stock footage. Again OK. They wax loud & long about the crummy acting. Still ..... OK. Then they get to the real reasons for their dislike of this flick. They're a buncha' leftos.

      Now I've always been fascinated about grade z budgeters with their rotten acting & the use of stock footage broadening their limited scope. Stuff like that makes these little movies so much fun to watch & Invasion U.S.A. has these in spades.

      It's the "comrades" use of the above as a lead-in for their political smarminess that gets my boxers in a bunch.

      Such folks come in two types: Those too young to remember the "cold war" taught by "freeze dried hippies" about the evils of the United States, & the aforesaid "Reagan haters" miffed over how the "cold war" turned out. Screw them. I'm glad there's no Soviet Union to worry about any more & only the "do gooders" (Left AND right!) in our own government to keep an eye on.

I take "critics" of this film about as seriously as I do these three jerks.

      As for Invasion USA, dang it's an interesting little flick. Five complacent patrons of a New York bar are hypnotized into an imagined "what if" of the U.S. & Canada under attack by "the enemy". It's no stretch figuring out who. Through a series of "apocalyptic" vignettes, the protagonists, one by one, pay for their apathy & efforts of "too little too late". The film ends with their snapping out of their trance & resolving to "do something" now instead of later.

Invasion U.S.A.Lobby card of atom bomb attack special effects scene on
New York City.

      With a bigger budget & more than just the seven days of principle filming, this would have made for an excellent picture ...... & even more sneers on the part of the self appointed/morally annointed guardians of our souls. Again ..... screw them anyway.

     As it is, I'd sooner watch Invasion USA (Along with the '85 Chuck Norris version!) or Red Dawn than I would the maudlin garbage of Reds or The Way We Were.

     The Synapse disk of this film contains a listing of the Conelrad 100. A list of "100 of the best "Atomic" films ever made. This is courtesy of, a website specializing in such TV/movie related shows. Warning: It does contain the type of "snarkiness" mentioned earlier in this article.

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  1. Reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode "The Shelter" we saw yesterday.

  2. I have that one in my collection. One episode I'd like to get is "The Obsolete Man" with Burgess Meredith & Dennis Weaver.

    Doo doo DOO doo, doo doo DOO doo .....

  3. Fritz Weaver. Saw it the other day or night. The TZ marathon is an EVENT at Chez 'Vark.

    Speaking of TZ marathons:

    OH! Michael w/ Anime Punch emailed me...we are on for the con!

  4. This has been up for 3 days.

    We're bored.

    Whaddya think we pay you for?)

  5. Uh ..... OK. Here goes ..... A priest, a minister & a rabbi go into a bar. Bartender looks up & says "What is this? Some kind of a joke?"

    Ba dump! Bump! Tsssshhhhhhh!

    Is the check in the mail?