Monday, April 16, 2012

Ann Romney Hasn't Worked A Day In Her Life? Not Sure About That.

Holy krud! Look at 'em all! A LARGE rich family of workers, professionals, tax payers, contributors to society
& their poisonous broods of kids! Useless eaters, people polluters, & parasites the lot of 'em! Probably believe in
God too! The scum! 
                      Ann Romney Hasn't Worked A Day In Her Life? Not Sure About That.
      In light of the recent controversy over Hilary Rosens' comment about Ann Romney not having worked a day in her life, I thought I would give my two cents worth.

      One of the things that always ticked my mom off was her being regarded as unemployed. Like Ann Romney, mom stayed at home & raised five kids. It was not easy. As one of those kids I'm in a position to know. We ran mom ragged & handed a lot krap to her. It was all she could do to keep us in line. Yes, there is talk of how the Romneys are rich & raising so many kids wasn't much of a hardship, but to me that is so much class warfare guff used to "frame the argument".

      My main beef however is with another segment of the "opposition". Those who think large families (And humans in general.) are a curse to the planet in terms of "environment". I remember the advent of their mantras, sayings, cliches, etc. during the early 70s & I can say that then as now, they & themselves are just as phoney now as they were then.

      I don't buy into the "environmentalist" line of bull. I don't believe the planet will "melt" if we don't toe their party line & generally go to hell just on their say so. I do not believe there are too many people in the world though (When I see so many folks swallowing their propaganda.) I do believe there are too many of the minimally brain damaged out there.

      Some of the more "loftier" of the opposition have even gone so far as to say the number of people in the world need to be reduced to two billion or less. One can only hope that idealists such as they would "do something about it" & eliminate themselves. After all, they being human, are part of their percieved problem. Doubt that would happen. They truely have the cowardice of their convictions.

      I suppose to these sad creatures, the sight of a large family (Such as the Romneys.) of prosperous contributors to society would be a blight to the eye. It puts the lie to their vision of squalor & poverty that should accompany large families. The Romneys don't fit their preconcieved mold.

      They call it overpopulation. I call it competition. They call it overcrowding. I call it the genetic sweepstakes. They call it evil. I call it winning.

      You see, there's a much greater chance of someone looking like Mitt Romney running around a thousand years from now than that of Hilary Rosen. "Survival" is its' own justification.

Some might think this as anti-Republican. It could go either way.

      Oh yes. Do not think this is a plug for Romney. I voted for Ron Paul in the Ohio Republican Primary. Come November I'll hold my nose & hit the Romney lever.

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  1. Stupid, gun-toting, Bible-thumping, bitter clingers with their sky fairy. Why can't people just understand the science, the logic, that everything just happened!!!

    ROSEANNE 2012!!!!!!!!!

  2. I work...and I be a really annoying troll, and what do I get?

    Not fed is what I get. Ignored is what I get.

    Oh, and have a nice day!!

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      Next thing ya know yer gonna say Ann Romney's a bronie!

  4. Is that not the most loathsome term in ALL of fandom?

    1. I remember you once referred in your blog to the term "pegacorn" (A Pegasus/unicorn cross.) as being "so fangirlish".

  5. Fangirlish and WRONG! The Latin would be "alicorn".