Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Interesting Search Words #14

                                      Interesting Search Words #14

      Hentai & ponies ..... You'd think people would have better things to do.

1. haruhi suzumiya pony - Mr. Hardy ..... puh-leeze!

2. doug evangelion - I have the series. I've seen Death and Rebirth & End of Evangelion a number of times. I even have the first two "rebuild" flicks. I don't recall anyone named Doug in them. Who/what is he? The 19th angel? Beware of Doug.

Hey! Anybody seen that Doug guy?

3. real anime girls - If they were real they wouldn't be anime.

4. hentai because real girls are doing it wrong - Obviously you don't know the right girls. For that matter, do you know ANY girls?

5. mlp haruhi - Darn it Weatherly! CUT IT OUT!

Again, if the show was more like this ..... MLP "animorphs".
L-R: Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie. Credit: Glanco Justicar

6. neon genesis evangelion drink - Don't drink UCC coffee! It's got LCL in it! Blech!

7. usda dingbats - May they all be devoured by pink slime.

8. cross eyed hentai - You look at it long enough ......

9. haruhis alien babies - They're NOT ponies!

Typical brony attitude .....

10. john birch society logo - Will this do?

If conspiracy's afoot, the Birchers will find it out.

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  1. #1-Not guilty. And that picture is beyond creepy. It is beyond Kowaru creepy.

    #2- You remember the episode of Doug when, as Quailman, he sought to reduce mankind to a puddle of melted orange sherbet. Won a Peabody award, as I recall.

    #4- We had a shirt once: HENTAI - Because cartoons can't say "no".

    #5- I am pure as the driven slush.

    #9- Great picture! Greater sentiment.

    #10- Cut it out. The poor Birchers get enough grief. "Have you heard about the anti-communist group that's pushing for only wood toilet seats? It's the Birch John Society." Like that.

    1. #1- Aren't furries fans a bit creepy to begin with?

      #2- I only remember the episode where Asuka gives Shinji lots 'n lots of grief. Let's see ..... which one was that? Oh Yeah! just about all of them.

      #5 & 9- I Figured as much.

  2. Struth...I don't search for MLP online. The...overboardness of some of the fandom is hard to take. I am a sucker for the Wonka meme, though.

    As to furries, the bit of 4chan wisdom comes to mind: "Yiff in hell, furfags.". (Actually, I have some very nice friends who enjoy furry-ness, and who do not yiff anywhere. If you do not grok "yiffing", I suggest you not look it up. Srsly.)

    1. There's too much 'a thet there Yiffin' goin' on. Yeah, I know what it means. It's the sound wild weasels make when they ..... Uh, yeah. I know what it means.