Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Interesting Search Words #2

                                            Interesting Search Words #2

      Here're a buncha search words from last week that led folks to this humble blog. Enjoy.

1.   yomi afterlife - No! She can't be ..... dead. Not my favorite "uptight" anime character! I'll bet that Tomo did her in. That or an eating disorder. Seems death is a "regular" with the Azumanga Daioh kids.

      Here's a link to the story of Chiyo-chans' demise.

2.   hentai game you are a male warrior & have female followers - So ..... are you fighting ..... or doing something else?

3.   needless hentai - Yes ..... it certainly is. (I take it this refers to the Needless anime.)

4.   charlie brown lucy little known facts - Get the low down on comicdoms' most controversial couple

5.   jiggly tush knock off pokemon - I wish he would. We can only hope. (Jiggly Tush was a satirical   
Pokemon character knock off from Cracked Magazine. Complete with trading cards! The place I worked at the time dealt heavily in Pokemon merchandise. I had thoughts of slipping some of the Cracked ones in the packs. Shoulda' done it.)

6.   boy eaten by vulture - A lot of "strange" leads to The Vulture article.

7.   evangelion head against wall gif - Evangelion has a lot of folks bangin' their heads against the wall.

8.   azumanga daioh in real life - I think he was looking for this:

Live action Azumanga Daioh roving band of hooligans. L-R Koyomi "Yomi"
Mizuhara, Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga, Kaorin, Chiyo-chan Mihama, Sakaki,
Kagura, & Tomo Takino.

9.   dan green hentai - Who is Dan Green & do you really want to seem him in porn? Funny thing, my Dad actually had a friend by that name.

10.  suicidal teen anime boys - Aren't they all?

11.  dead or alive hentai - Depends on how much you're into it I guess.

12.  hentai murder - Is it porn? A mystery? Holmes & Watson investigate. A storm rages outside. The bridge is out. The phone is dead. And the killer is .....

      "Yeah. N' I'da gotten away with it too if it warn't fer them there dang kids n' that snoopy dawg a' theirs!"

      Has anyone seen Daphne & Fred?

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