Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Look Back - Reflect - Remember

USS Arizona Monument Pearl Harbor

                                 Look back, reflect, & for some, remember.


  1. You have this picture up, and yet you watch. anime.

    I bet you have "Sukiyaki" on your iPod or whatever.

    Srsly...I have NEVER seen a picture showing the Arizona's outline in the water, before. The memorial layout makes sense now. Just amazing. Thank you the picture and the call to reflect.

  2. "You have this picture up, and yet you watch. anime."

    I also watch a lot of older war films (Wake Island, They Were Expendable, From Here to Eternity, etc.

    I blame Hirohito & the militarists, not the Japanese.

    "I bet you have "Sukiyaki" on your iPod or whatever."

    Suki Yaki & her sister Terri are characters in Woody Allens' film, "What's Up Tiger Lilly?".

    Don't have an iPod. I'm afraid if I fall asleep near one I'll get replaced.


    "The memorial layout makes sense now."

    The remains of over a thousand crewmen are still there. Curiously enough, it's still leaking fuel oil.

  3. iPod...replaced...RIOT!


    A shrine in the truest sense of of the word.