Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Now How Does That Song Go?

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                                          Now How Does That Song Go?


                                                                    Jay Agan

      Back in the ancient age of analog, I spent four wonderful (NOT!) years in New Jersey getting an ejmakashun & work experience. Finding pickings a might slim after moving back to Ohio, I found some work through temp agencies.

      As my "chosen field" was office related, I was sent out a few times to, get this, straighten out files. As in alphabetical order. Seems a lot of folks don't know their ABCs.

      To this day I'm still taken aback over the general ignorance/stupidity of people. I have recently viewed an episode of Repo Games, wherein knuckle draggers get a chance not to have their cars towed by answering a few trivia questions. While the "contestants" struggled with the answers, I got most of them right almost instantly (Those cars are rightfully mine!). What I had seen has not given me hope for humanity.

Another kind of ABC.
      Back to the alphabet (alpha-beta). How SO many members of the general public can have so much difficulty getting files in order is WAY beyond me. If you can count, "sing that song" & think at least semi-logically, you shouldn't have much trouble getting files sorted. Maybe that "semi-logical" part has them all confused. While chrysanthemum falls somewhere between A & Z, it shouldn't be all that much harder to figure that right comes between reel & ring.

      A notable exception to alphabetising is the word sympathy. While it is rarely found in the real world it can be readily found in the dictionary. Between s-word & suicide!

      Now how does that song go? Oh yeah .....

      How I wonder what you are
      Like a diamond in the sky .....

      Uh ..... wait a sec ..... OK, now I gotz it .....

      Twinkle, twinkle, little star
      Up above the world so high
      Now I know my ..... huh?

      Darn! Maybe I'm gettin' old .....

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  1. Solution: switch to digital files!

    (Side effects include only software programmers knowing what the alphabet is for a century before the alphabet is made completely defunct)

  2. Problem is, I'm an analog (Not anal.) kind of guy. Can't read digital even with glasses!

  3. Allow me to complete your education and recommend "Uncle Shelby's ABZ book" by Shel Silverstein (a fine Irish name!). You just have to trust me.

  4. Eamon de Valera is also a fine Irish name.