Thursday, December 15, 2011

TCM Remembers 2011

                                               TCM Remembers 2011
     Life is a series of goodbyes. Goodbye to childhood, youth, middle age, graduation, family, friends, retirement, THE  END.

     Then there's that big HELLO. 1 Corinthians 13:12.

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  1. I am now thoroughly bummed.

    Pete Postlethwaite...a face only a camera could love.

    Charles Napier. Duke himself (the best spoof of Ted Turner ever!)

    James Arness...THE THING!!

    William Campbell...Trelane his own self. He overcame being in "Dementia 13".

    Jane Russell...from Hughes star to bra flogger.

    Peter more questions. He has the Answers.

    Jeff Conaway...from Taxi to B-5

    Tura Satana...ASTRO ZOMBIES!!!!!

    Jackie Cooper. Amazing talent. From Hal Roach stuff to Hennessey to Perry White!

    Cliff Robertson...survived the McCarthy blacklists. CHARLY.

    Roberts Blossom..."I saw Bigfoot once." Stop and be friendly.

    Harry Morgan...I remember "Pete and Gladys". Do YOU remember "Skinny" Malone? No Googling, now.

    ANNE FRANCIS!! Altaira and Honey West.

    John Barry...Mr.James Bond music. Made "The Black Hole" almost watchable.

    John Neville...the "Well-manicured Man" in X-Files.

    Kenneth Mars...From "The Producers" to Ariel's Daddy to Adventures in Odyssey : "By the sword Rhiannon!".

    Ken Russell. Well.

    Michael Gough. From Dr. Who to Alfred Pennyworth. Check his IMDB. The man was not afraid of work!

    I was never a fan of Elizabeth Taylor, but MERCY, she was lovely.

  2. Tura Satana aka Tura Luna Pascual Yamaguchi. Part Japaness, part Apache, all things wonderfully weird.

    John Barry. I like The Black Hole! I thought it was great.

    Kenneth Mars. What character did he play in Adventures in Odyssey? Also, who does the voice of Eugene Meltzner? He sounds familiar.

    Michael Gough. Chris Lee is now officially THE last of the horror greats.

  3. Black Hole has its moments. And Roddy McDowell. And Old B.O.B.

    Kenneth Mars did an episode or two. "Sir William, Earl of Marshall".

    Will Ryan does Eugene, and others.

    I LOVE A.I.O.!!!

  4. I like Madden as the window washer guy. Every so often there's a reference to The Partirdge Family.

  5. Just saw Gough in that execrable "Christmas Carol" starring George C. Scott. Nice to see him!