Thursday, May 3, 2012

Interesting Search Words #15

                                           Interesting Search Words #15

      Words of web wanderers who were woefully wending their weary way to this wonderous website. WOW!

1. anime bunny with guns - What's bettern' an anime bunny? An anime bunny with guns!

This couldn't be Kagame Hiiragi, could it? Konata must've finally gotten to her!

2. hentai real - Hentai UN-real. You probably wish it was ...... hopefully with some sub-genres left out.

3. yuki nagato is not amused - How can you tell? It's like determining wether or not Robert Mitchum is sleepy.

The best part of waking up is LCL ..... er ..... Folgers in your cup!

4. baby looney toons elmira - The show was called Tiny Toon Adventures. The character was Elmyra Duff. Elmira is my original home town.

5. cosplay lolicon - Call the cops!

6. big brown spider in virginia - Here's one in Arizona. Check out what happens to it here.
Attaboy Clint!

Yep! They git purty big out there.

7. the bible demotivational - Pen Jillette said he gave up at Leviticus. I would too. Start at Matthew instead of Genesis (And I DON'T mean Neon GENESIS Evangelion!).

8. haruhi mikuru asahina pillow - This brings to mind an issue of The Dirty Pair from the late 80s. In the letters section a fan kept referring to the characters as if they were real. The Ed. stated that real lovers, in spite of any physical shortcomings, were better than imaginary ones. Go out and ask one for a date! Yeah, some do "bite" & are mean, but that's the risk you take. The worst she can do is say "no" ..... & make a scene ..... laugh at you ..... put you down in front of God 'n everybody ..... make you feel like 2 cents ...... Ahem! ..... GO FOR IT!

9. manly guys doing manly things cosplay - As a manly guy I don't cosplay when I do manly things (Which is all the time.). Don't need to. God! I'm gorgeous!

10. rei smile - Long ago I had a spooky girl friend like that. She smiled ..... a lot!

Sometimes I think that kid ENJOYS glopping people!

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  1. #1 Bunny girl WITH GUNS!!! That's almost better'n ponies!

    Did I say 'almost"?

    #2 Robert has a clue!!

    #7 Numbers is what gets to me. It takes 2 angelic visitations and a theophany to get me to read Numbers.

    #8 So how many can we put you down for? I bet Bill would love to see 'em!

    #9 Yes. Creepy, yes?

    #10 Wouldja care for a glass of Tang?

    1. 1. Almost, nothing! It is! Grrrrr!

      2. Mitchum had a reputation for being an indifferent actor. On the set of El Dorado (Co-starring John Wayne. One of my favorite westerns.), the director Howard Hawks, noticed Mitchum was one of the hardest working actors there. When he mentioned it to him, Mitchum said something like: "Yeah, but don't let it get around."

      7. I like it when Paul starts getting "rocky" in Romans.

      8. I'll take two ..... uh ..... none!

      Bill would laugh his butt off! You know they have hotels in Japan where such pathetic creatures can take their "waifus" to spend some time?

      9. The cosplayers, yes! Me, I'm still "pretty"!

      10. NASA dropped Tang for some lower quality sandlike mix long ago. I'll take a Coke instead.

  2. 9. It's a webcomic, actually. ( The author is an animator for, among other shows, Ugly Americans.

    1. Thank you for the web address. Will check this out.