Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Presidential Dream Ticket: If Only!

                                       Presidential Dream Ticket: If Only!

For those of you who have read Atlas Shrugged you know what this is about. For those who don't, by all means read the book! You WILL be informed, you WILL be edjucated!

I don't think I could vote for this ticket. After all, a womans' place
is on the railroad.

      Oh for a REAL choice in November. As it is, hold your nose & hit the Romney button.


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  1. I prefer to think of myself as an obscurantist. Heavy on the rant.

    Actually, I think I would have to be a theistic objectivist. Rand's cutting through the epistemological BS, the "knowing whether you know" claptrap makes it quite attractive to me.

    1. So you're Ayn Rant, eh?

      Yeah, the "I know/blind faith" was always a turn off to me. I like having things explained.

  2. I recognise that belief in God is somewhat (!) antithetical to Rand's philosophy; still, I find her thinking most useful, aspecially her rejection of scepticism.

    1. In her later years, Rand rediscovered Judaism. One "know it all" in a "patriot" group back in the ninties, "challenged" me by asking how I could be a Christian & an Objectivist at the same time. "After all, Rand was an athiest, hmmmmmmm?"

      He seemed to have left out the above fact of her last years. If Rand herself could get back into Judaism, then surely, little ole me could be a Christian.

      As for scepticism (Especially in regard to herself.), Ms. Rand was VERY good at rejecting it!