Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kiddies These Days ...

                                                 Kiddies These Days ...

     Remember when one could discipline their kid in front of God & everybody & didn't have to worry about "intervention"? Y'know, some nosey hyena stepping in & threatening to report you for child abuse? After all, the child is only expressing himself & stopping him from his "performance art" would only serve to traumatize the little jerk. Well the little fool should get traumatized!

      I would love to hear/read about some clown getting punched out for stepping into something that's none of his/her concern. If the kid is "acting out", it's no business of mine to keep a parent from disciplining a future would be Jeffrey Dahmer.

      I've manned a cash register off & on over the years & I've seen some real kiddie meltdowns. I didn't think it was possible for a kid to have a stroke until I got into the "service industry"!

      I recollect an amusing little incident while working at a not to be mentioned would be Wal-Mart. A lady came through my checkout line with a rather unruly little monster. She grabbed "sweetums", draped him over her arm & used her free hand to give junior a swat on the posterior. She then remembered they were in a public place & gave me a fearful look thinking I would "report" her or something. I immediately gave her a thumbs up & a smile. The relieved expression on her face was more than evident.

      It's really sad one has to look over ones' shoulder when it comes to anything family related anymore. But then, it's been 1984 a long time now.

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