Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gendo Ikari vs Chuck Norris: An Interesting "Search Word" Indeed

Propane, propane accessories ..... & LCL.

                   Gendo Ikari vs Chuck Norris: An Interesting "Search Word" Indeed

      While searching my blog stats for the next installment of  Interesting Search Words I came across the above. Gendo up against Big Chuck? No way! Keep in mind, ole Chuckles is so manly that when he does pushups, he doesn't push himself up, he pushes the earth down. Ikari wouldn't last two seconds with Mr. Norris.

Nobody messes with Chuck. Not even Gendo Ikari or SEELE.

      Lillith/Rei vs Chuck would be more of a real match up. Norris' A T field is at least just as powerful & his LCL has the consistency of concrete. He's the only guy who could out & out survive Third Impact.

      When I think about it, just who was it who "cut the throat" of the Lillith/Rei/Yui entity & releasing all those souls anyway? It couldn't have been wimpy boy in the powered down Unit 01. No, it had to have been Big Chuck himself. No one else could do it. NO ONE!

Oooooo! Bunnies! L-R foreground: Yuki Nagato, Mikiru Asahina, Haruhi Suzumiya.
Background: Itsuke Koizumi, Kyon. Credit: Kyoto Animation

      Of course I can't take any of this seriously including the Evangelion franchise. I mean, after all, everyone knows that the one true God is Haruhi Suzumiya. Third Impact would be impossible as she would just wish it away. Then again, with her yearning for wonderful, crazy things to happen, she'd just might let it! Even doing a "Third Impact" of her own! (Does what she did "three years ago" count?)

      Great! Just Great! All this time I've been worried about hovering, blue haired, albino school chicks when the real "menace" was a guitar playing whack goddess in a bunny suit! Sheesh!

      Wish she'd do something about those ponies .....

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  1. Just so's ya know, the Goddess and I are NOT on speaking terms at the moment.

    I actually went to the trouble of BUYING a DVD set of your little fetish, made it through the first DVD with minimal internal bleeding, put in the 2nd disc, when episode 1 of the clearly printed second disc turned out to be the same as episode 00, the Mikurun-run student video. Disc 2 is a fraudulently marked disc 1, and there is no Bandai to whine at about their DVDs.

    Unless there is some elaborate in-joke of which I am unaware.

    Someone needs a better grasp of Her own universe. Just sayin'....

    (The student film reminded me of some EARLY Dr. Who eps...just with better effects.)

    The Strickland Propane cap...dead brill!

    1. Sorry to hear about your purchase. Seems Bandai is getting careless in filling their last orders. What distributor did you get it from? I'd send the set back for a replacement or refund.

      I bought a copy of High Noon some years back. My heart sank when I saw the disc itself emblazoned with a scene from that execrable remake. The film itself was the original Gary Cooper '51 flick though. Still have it.

    2. Fetish? Little? ...... er ..... ahem! Not a fetish ..... more ..... like an obsession ..... Uh ..... I mean a preoccupation ..... or rather ..... a ..... you know ..... (It's just a show! A cartoon! An anime! Not real! ..... Just a show! ..... Just a show! ..... Just a show!).

  2. Ink and paint, bro. Ink and paint.

    1. Ink? ..... and ..... paint?


  3. Sorry...Ones and zeroes, bro. Ones and zeroes.

    With Mikuru they used a 2.

    1. Both of 'em! ..... uh ..... Her!