Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Godzilla/Gojira: I Hate That Creature

Japan is anything but third world. Still thought this was funny.

                                      Godzilla/Gojira: I Hate That Creature


                                                                      Jay Agan

      Don't get me wrong. I actually love the movie itself. I have the Criterion restoration on pre-order & can't wait for late January to roll around.

      It's that big green bastard I despise.

      Yes, I know. He's supposed to be an allegory/symbol of the arms race, war, consequences of mans' tampering, etc. He later became an enduring figure in later films & the franchise has become quite an institution over the years. As I'm not a huge fan of most of these giant rubber monster flicks I only have the first two (Godzilla/Gojira, Godzilla Raids Again.) & this is how they "speak" to me.

      It's coming.

      Enormous, ponderous, invincible, inevitable.

      Intellectually, you know it's not after you personally. There's no way it could possibly have any knowledge of you & if it did it could probably care less. Mostly raw instinct, it has hardly any self awareness of its own let alone of you. Yet .....

      On a gut level, you know it's after YOU.

      Seeking to utterly destroy YOU.

      Not just to kill you, merely to end your life .....

      But to totally obliterate you. Without a trace.

      Make it as if you had never been.


      No reason. It can. That's all.

      Maybe it's the scene where the mother comforts her child about seeing daddy soon as the creature advances. Perhaps the hospital sequences. Or maybe the young women singing the "prayer for peace" (These always choke me up.).

      All I know is I want that oversized crocklegator DEAD! The carcass could supply Japans' luggage needs for a century. I only wish Serizawas' oxygen destroyer to be a little slower acting & more excrutiating. Make that thing scream like a woman & go out like a girl.

      I can't wait for January.

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Addendum: Why can't they get NERV to do something about this problem? Mmmmmm ..... better not. Shinji's too wimpy. Asuka might want to date it. And Rei shares too much in common. Best leave it alone.

Oh yeah! Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

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  1. Ritsuko is the real lizard in the series.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving, and enjoy your roasted 'Zilla haunch. YUM! Best with cranberry sauce and nori.

  2. What?! Ritsuko's my fave character! She's totally kick butt! How dare you! Grrrrr! I hope you get tanged in the worst way! (Just kidding!)

    By the way, what's nori?

  3. But, but, but...I LIKE lizards!

    A blessed thanksgiving to you, sir.

  4. Really? It had no reason for doing what it did? Are you sure about that?

  5. No reason as in regard for IT coming for you personally. Of course it had every reason to go stomping on civilisation. I'd be a little ticked off too if someone "woke" me with a kaboom or two.