Wednesday, November 2, 2011

20,000 Hits!

A demotivational combining the Azumanga Daioh "cast" & the Black Lagoon
art style. L-R foreground: Maya, Sakaki, Kagura, Aymu "Osaka" Kasuga,
Chiyo-chan Mihama, Mr. Tadakichi, Tomo Takino, Koyomi "Yomi" Mizuhara.
Back: Nyamo "Minamo" Kurasawa, Yukari Tanizaki. Further back: Kaorin,
Mr. Kimura, & "Chiyos' father"

                                                        20,000 Hits!
      This actually happened a couple thousand back. Just haven't gotten to "celebrating" til now.

      Really not much to say that hasn't been said at 10,000 hits. Of course, THANK YOU ONE & ALL! I mean it. I'm really flattered/gratified that so many from all over the world would take a gander at my simple (Simplistic?) little blog. Even if the majority are only here to "snatch" illustrations. Hopefully SOME of you are reading the articles that go with them.

      Which brings me to this: As a certain Azumanga Daioh picture & a couple anime style renditions of Charles Schulzs' Peanuts gang are popular (click here, & here.), I thought I'd post the ones you see here. Enjoy.

Again, some of the Peanuts gang as teens, anime style. Left: Sally Brown.
Top: Sally & Charlie Brown. Bottom: Sally Brown & Rerun van Pelt.

      Again ..... THANK YOU FOR "WATCHING".

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  1. I've seen the Peanuts anime pic elsewhere.

    Charlie Brown looks like he just got out of St. Jude's Hospital. Just doesn't look right. Sally's cute, and kinda works.

    I remember a Li'l Abner arc where a Charles Shultz-type cartoonist moved to Dogpatch to get away from it all, and his strip fell to ruins because he had moved away from his psychiatrist neighbor, who supplied all the depth for the characters.

    Yes. I'm THAT old.

  2. I think the "joke" with "Chuck" is that his dad is a barber & he is "bald".

    I remember Al Capps' comic strip. I also remember Gasoline Alley, Steve Canyon, Bringing Up Father, etc. I'm THAT old too.

  3. Gasoline Alley. Wow. I miss that. Steve Canyon, yowsah! Jiggs and whatever-his-harridan-wife was called.

    I get the Peanuts CB bald gag: Shultz's CB looks right...the anime version of Chuck just looks like there's summat wrong with him, rather than just alopecia.

  4. A belated congratulations (but this was a belated post, so...)!

    Snatch illustrations? At least it's nothing like the influx of visitors who come in every day looking for a 'pedo bear' image, that was actually an image copied from another website by a guest writer :(

    Every single day, 'pedo bear' is my largest searched-for result.

  5. Thanx for the congrats.

    As for "Pedo Bear" it could be worse. Be glad it's not "Scat Rat"

  6. I'm a big Black Lagoon fan who just discovered Azumanga Daioh a little while ago. I love combining them!

    1. Azumanga Daioh has no haters. It's cute, funny as all get out & doesn't even try to insult ones' intelligence.

      Black Lagoon is insulting but not at the intelligence. Like it anyway though.

      As for Azumanga Lagoon, I'd definitely watch it though I hope they keep Two Hands-chan from using the f bomb.

      If you like combining things, copy 'n paste these: