Friday, November 4, 2011

Ben-to: The KKK In Anime?

In my neck o' the woods I think there are more than eight "wearing" that.

                                           Ben-to: The KKK In Anime?

      Now I knew Japan had a small Nazi Party back in the 90s but I had no idea .....

      Was looking at a page at the O-new blog & about fell out of my chair when I saw this. Ben-To doesn't seem to be what I'd call my kind of anime. I'm sure KKK means something else in that show.

      Reminds me of a book I read long ago (Can't recall the title.) about the adventures of a spec-forces operative in Viet Nam. In one chapter an operation was being discussed & it was mentioned the KKK was going to be in on it.

      Newbie: "KKK? I thought this was Viet Nam, not Alabama!"

      Turns out it was the initials of a Khmere (Cambodian) paramilitary group running around in that area.

       Some things mean different things to other people.

Addendum: Oh, wait! Here's something interesting. Azumanga Power.

                   And something else. Azumanga March.

                   Hmmmm ..... I often wondered about those kids .....

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  1. Awwwww....I was hoping I was gonna be able to sell you some nice sheets, you know, for cosplay.

  2. I used to be involved with some of those "cosplayers" back in the day.

    Oh well. Live & learn. Older but wiser now .....

  3. Hawwwww.

    We are conservative / libertarian, and homeschooled our four kids. For some reason that indicated to a customer of ours that we would like to join his "club", so he brought some literature and a video. And a comic book.

    He was a member of the National Alliance. (Essentially, the KKK in a cheap suit.)

    Sorry, not interested. Mercy, we live in a weird world.

    Speaking of the comic, my daughter and I hurt ourselves laughing. It is tragic, but we DID learn a new word!

    Feel free to delete this comment, lest anyone misunderstand.

  4. Yeah, the thing with symbols/initials/logos being too ingrained into our minds is that when we see the symbol, we immediately only think of one thing - KKK for the Ku Klux Klan, the swastika for Nazi Germany, etc., so that when it is actually used for something else, it is mistaken as the popular object. Thus, when making logos and the like, people refrain from using those symbols - thus further ingraining them into our minds. If the swastika was widely used worldwide, it might not be so prominent as a symbol of Nazi Germany anymore.

    The phenomenon also manifests itself in names - you hardly hear a name like 'Adolf' anymore after Hitler's rise to power, and no guy with the last name of 'Jones' would name his son 'Indiana', simply because of the connection.

  5. Wow! Did you just "sweep" through my blog? So much at once.

    I understand the swazi to be a common Buddist symbol ("Squared off" & "spinning" to the right.).

    Brings to mind the "controversy" over that one Pokemon card.

    No matter what the last name, I don't think anyone in their right mind would call their kid Indiana.