Thursday, December 23, 2010

Upcoming Animes. Well, Not Really Part 3

                                     Upcoming Animes. Well, Not Really Part 3


                                                                     Jay Agan
      It won't be 10 more this time as I've run out of ideas. Maybe in about a year I'll come up with more. Here goes.
      1. The Tribulation of Haruhi Suzumiya- Out of sheer frustration/cynicism & pique, Kyon tries another attempt at telling Haruhi the truth about herself. This time she believes him! He then notices a Bible on her desk bookmarked halfway through Revelation. Oops!

      Guess we now know who she really is.
      2. Great Teacher Kimura- Yes! He's back! That whacky sicko from Azumanga Daioh! Stalking his way into the hearts of millions &, as usual, is about as funny as a ..... well, a child molester. Belly laughs & gutbusters aplenty over his creepy antics as Minamo & novice science teacher Kaorin, stand between him & the kids.
      3. The Girl Who Schlepped Through Time- She loved her Bat Mitzvah. But it wasn't quite as good as she liked. So.....

      4. Beau Geste & The Secret of Blue Water- The Geste brothers, finding the legendary jewel, the Blue Water, has been stolen, join the Foriegn Legion to avoid disgrace. The sadistic Sargeant Markoff plots to get it. While posted at Fort Zinderneuf a group of jewel thieves, a young frenchman, & a young Kenyan circus performer (who has the jewel) end up there as well, having been pursued by a force of Neo-Atlanteans disguised as Arab raiders. Gary Cooper & Brian Donlevy never had it so bad!

      5. Sailor Quarter/Full Moon- Serena & friends still on the job protecting Crystal Tokyo ..... & coping with eating disorders.

      6. The Attack of the Angst Stricken Giant Magical Robot Vampire Princess Schoolgirl- 90% of the anime you'll ever watch. In one movie.

      7. The Asassination of Haruhi Suzumiya- One of the "factions" involved in the SOS Brigade comes to the descision of putting a stop to all the nonsense. Whose is it? Mikurus'? Itsukes'? Yuki maybe? Then again, Kyon could be pretty much fed up with the whole thing right about now. Tune in & find out!
      8. Bridge On the River Kawai- British POWs are forced to build an absolutly cute little bridge over a stunningly charming river for the Japanese military. The POWs' commanding officer goes mindnumbingly yandere over the idea. Later in the show, commandoes blow up the adorable structure just as a totally moe little choo choo crosses over &..........

      Krap! I said I was running out of ideas & this proves it! I'm almost embarrassed to print this. Aw..... what the heck! I'm hitting the button.

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