Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some Cinematic Heresy, Part 2

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                                                    Some Cinematic Heresy, Part 2


                                                                                Jay Agan

     Casablanca. THE Bogart vehicle. The quintiessential masterpiece. For years I've been told to take this one in. One day I did. Not a good day.

     Claude Raines was excellent as always, but he couldn't carry this turkey alone.

     Bergman & Bogart constantly whining about this Laszlo guy getting between them. I was hoping Conrad Veidt would intervene like a good little Nazi & put both these crybabies out of my misery.

     Not enough Peter Lorre! When you have Pete in a flick, you're supposed to keep him in as long as possible. What good is a sinister second villian if you take him out of the show early?

     The African Queen. Another Bogart film that gives me the yawns. The river goes on & on. So does this movie. I was hoping the crocklegators would make it a shorter film. I like Rooster Cogburn & the Lady more. Go Germans!

     Niether of these flicks are up to the stellar caliber of Beat the Devil, the movie John Huston redeemed himself with. (However, though Lorre is in that flick, Sidney Greenstreet is nowhere to be seen. Dang!)

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