Sunday, December 5, 2010

Breaking a "5th Wall"

A scene from Night of the Living Dead or anime fans at a
convention? YOU decide. Credit: Image 10 Productions
                                                 Breaking a "5th Wall"


                                                                    Jay Agan

     Was wandering around the DVD section of Best Buy a few weeks ago & stumbled on what I thought, at first, to be a potentially amazing phenomenon. In the horror section, I found they were selling copies of Night of the Living Dead (Dimension Films/Dimension Extreme Entertainment label.) No big deal to my way of thinking. A lot of companies sell this public domain film, especially around Halloween. I wasn't thinking of buying it, (Already have it.), but took a peek anyway.

     Examining the box I found something interesting on the back:


     Really.(!?) Those who see the discrepency here don't need an explanation. As for those who do, click here & here. It would take too much space & time to explain otherwise. As for space & time .....

     "Hmm. This is unique," I thought, & bought it anyway. This promised to be a breakthrough in how man percieves the universe & the very essence of existance itself. And I could see it happening right in my own living room! I took it home & popped the disc into the machine.

     You can only imagine my disgust/disappointment when the set didn't explode &/or vanish into the next dimension.

     By the way. It was fullscreen.

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