Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some Cinematic Heresy Part 1

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                                                    Some Cinematic Heresy Part 1


                                                                           Jay Agan

     Howzabout some cinematic heresy? I'm going to pan some "classic" films fans are always raving about but I don't think are so hot. A majority of fans & the critics say they're great but that doesn't always mean they really are. I know what I like.

     First up is Citizen Kane, which I do think is better than great.

     "So it's settled: Citizen Kane is the official greatest film of all time."-Roger Ebert

     I like Citizen Kane. It's in my collection. I try to watch it at least once a year. I made it a point to see it at the Drexel North in Columbus (Now, sadly, a drug store.) on the big screen. This absorbing, groundbreaking film more than made its' mark on the world of cinema. I have nothing but praise for it. But.....it's not

                                                 THE GREATEST FILM EVER MADE!

                                                (Insert echo effects/embellishments here.)

     I enjoy other films just as much. While there are points/arguements to be made for its' filmic excellence, to me

                                                 THE GREATEST FILM EVER MADE!

                                            (Insert more echo effects/embellishments here.)

is whatever I'm enjoying at the moment.

     My rating system is simple. If it's good enough for me to have in my collection, it's good enough..... period. I guess that means Plan 9 From Outer Space is right up there with the other giants.
     Next time, I go after Casablanca. "See" ya then!

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