Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cinematic Heresy Part 3: Gone With the Wind

The BEST part of this mess.
Credit: MGM
                                Cinematic Heresy Part 3: Gone With the Wind


                                                                   Jay Agan

      I've never seen this picture all the way through. I can't rightly say I've even seen it part way through. I tried. Really ..... really, .....tried. I just can't get myself to sit through this ultra over-rated cinematic mistake:

                                                 GONE WITH THE WIND

      My last attempt to view it resulted as before. Disaster.

      Opening credits, no problem. Anyone can get through them. Then ..... bad things begin to happen.

      We're on a pavillion or porch. With this woman. This TALKING woman. Talking .... talking ..... in that ..... voice. Talking ..... in that ..... horrible ..... irritating ..... voice. Talking. Did I say she was talking? Oh yes! Talking.

      Will we ever get off that porch?

      Will she ever stop talking?

      And who the heck is this Ashley Wilkes guy & why should I care?

      I got off the porch ..... running ..... running.

      Actually I flipped channels for something more intellectually stimulating such as NASCAR or pro-wrestling.

Now THIS I'd LOVE to see!

      It must be a masochistic streak in me for I kept returning to TCM in hopes of the situation improving.

      Well. We're off the porch. She's stiiiiiill talking though.

      One hour+ later. Still yakking away. In a ballroom. C'mon Clark! Make her shut up!

      Even later. Atlanta in flames but she has quieted down a bit. What a weird chick. I guess "it takes a burning village".

      As one fellow (In a related thread in the Off Topic Discussions section on The Classic Horror Film Board.) wrote: "Am I the only one rooting for the Union Army?" No. No your not!

      As God is my witness! I will never try to see this movie again! (Que music)

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