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Girls und Panzer Abridged: A Review

The girls and their Panzer 4. L-R: Saori Takebe, Mako Reizei,
Yukari Akiyama, Commander Miho Nishizume and Hana Isuzu.

Girls und Panzer Abridged: A Review

Stumbled across this on You Tube. Give it a try!

Episode 1 - Miho enters her new school, meets new friends ...

Hana: "Hey look! It's the new girl!

Saori: "Why does she smell like vomit and shame?"

Hana: "Hey!"

Miho: "Oh look! ... A wild lesbian appeared."

Hana: "What did that b---- just say!?"

... is "persuaded" to pick "Tankery" (Why do I cringe when I hear that!?) as her mandatory elective ...

Anzu (In raspy, masculine voice.): "Awright! Listen up Maggots! We're starting up Tankery again ... You like tanks?"

Crowded auditorium: "YAY!"

Anzu: " 'Course ya do! Bitches love tanks!"

... and the new teams assemble for their first meeting.

Erwin: "Vait! ... Vhere are ze panzers?!"

Anzu: "Your problem Little Miss Hitler! Not mine!"

Anzu Kadotani. In the actual series, she says this in a MUCH nicer way.

Episode 2 - The girls find some tanks ...

Momo (On cell phone.): "-'Sup?"

Saori: "Yo! Bitch! We found a tank!"

Momo: "I'll get the illegals in the auto shop to pick it up."

... and receive hands-on training.

Miho: Wait ... Are you using live ammunition?"

Erwin: "Vell ja ... Ze intent vas to kill you, nein?"

Hana: "What? No!"

Erwin: "Oh scheiss! It vasn't? ... Oh vell. (Turns to gunner.) NOW KILL THEM!"

"I like how you guys took the idea of camouflage
and just ... threw it out the window."

Episode 3 - The girls prepare for their first competition ...

Miho: "I like how you guys took the idea of camouflage and just ... threw it out the window."

Erwin: "I wanted a schvastika, but neinnnnn! Havin' zese nazis vere baaaaad people!"

... practice further, receiving praise from Momo ...

Momo: "OK ... so ... Second day practice went well. I despise all of you a little less than before ... and THAT ... in and of itself ... is an accomplishment."

Unspecfied Team Member: "Who put YOU in charge!?"

Momo : "Anzu ... Go ask her about it ... She looooves being questioned."

UTM: "I withdraaaaw my question!"

So far, Gunmetal Stug has done only three episodes. The voices matched the characters better than Sentais' English dub! Definitely looking forward to the rest.

Preview for Episode 4:

Kay/Kei (Dub line of George C. Scott as Patton.): "Rommel!? ... You magnificent bastard! I READ YOUR BOOK!"

Erwin: "OH VUNDERBAR! Look everyone! Ze cowboy can reeead!"

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