Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I Guess They Showed Him!

Only fools would think these are worth only a dollar apiece.

I Guess They Showed Him!

Was at the check out of a hardware store a couple weeks ago. Lady gives me my change, two quarters, sounded kinda' funny as they clinked. I look down. A 1964 and a '58. Silver!

"Better check your til ma'am."


"No one just gets two SILVER quarters as change these days. Better have a look."

Sure enough. The quarter compartment is all silver.

"Best switch it out. Other wise you're just giving money away."

Both cashier and manager were going through the til as I left. Guess someone raided grand dads' coin stash.

This reminded me of a story a former boss told me.

His in-laws hated him. Not only the parents but his wifes' brothers and sisters as well. Not just a strong dislike but ABSO-STINKINGLUTELY HATED him.


He took their "sweet little girl" from them.

Never mind that "sweet little girl" was well into her twenties when they met and that she was perfectly capable of making decisions for herself. HE TOOK HER AWAY FROM THEM! Even though the two had kids, the in-laws speculated on wether or not the filthy beast was having his way with her. Sex while married ... Geez! Just what's the world coming to!? To them, the guy was beyond disgusting.

As an aside, "sweet little girl" and the in-laws were what is known as "hard shell Baptists". Wouldn't surprise me if they were rapture bunnies.

Well, the old man ups and croaks to that Dante-esque level in Heaven for the dual diagnosed head up butt/anally retentive and leaves behind a sizable pile of silver dollars.

The guy claimed to have made the family a fair offer, more than "face" value for the coins but they would have none of it. He may have taken their "sweet little girl" away from them but they would be danged if they were gonna' let him "put one over" on them. Didn't occur to them to look up the stock market figures to find out the "spot" value on "junk" silver coins and make a counter offer (Not to mention there may have been a "collectable" or more in that stash worth even more than "spot".). NO SIR! By golly, they weren't about to let him "get the better" of them ...

They'd show him! And did!

They took the hoard down to the local bank and exchanged them ... At "face" value.

That's right! Dollar for dollar. One greenback for each silver dollar.

On inquiring from others, he found they didn't even let out a peep when they saw some of the bank employees, RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM do the same in reverse and pocket them.

The idiots later laughed at him to his face how they foiled his attempts to "cheat" them. They could only wonder why he smiled and shook his head.

"If God didn't want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep." - Eli Wallach as Calvera the bandit in the film, The Magnificent Seven.

Stoooopid rapture bunnies ...

"If God didn't want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep."

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