Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Little Bigotry

Now if she had been more like this ...

A Little Bigotry

It's about six years back & I'm working at a cut-rate would be Wal-Mart chain as a check out clerk. A lady, late middle age, starts putting her stuff on the belt & we have a conversation. I notice a heavy German accent.

My usual "icebreaker" jokingly is: "I can tell by your accent, you're not from around here. Are you from New Jersey?"

She gets friendly & we get to talking about Germany. She was from Wiesbaden. I mention I have folks in Graz (Austria) & Wurzburg. She then asks if I'm German.

I reply "Irish, English, German, French, Hungarian & Portuguese."

A look comes on her face like she just swallowed something REALLY disagreeable.

"YOU ... Are a mutt!"

I suppressed the urge to tell her she wasn't exactly the "uberfrau" she wanted me to think she was. Not exactly valkyrie material. In fact, there's no cure for the kind of ugly she had. Gas maybe?

Even Hitler loosened up a bit & became inclusive after a while. Became a "pan-Aryanist". Even going so far as to say: "The Russians are as Aryan as we are." Hmm ... A bit late on that one.

My actual reply was not at all to her liking. It even surprised her.

"I don't think of myself as a mutt as much as I think of myself as a 'Super European'."

I must say, her Reinhard Heydrich impression was spot on.

We complete the transaction in silence & she leaves.

People ...

Asuka's NOT evil ... just terminally PMS.

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