Friday, June 7, 2013

Could It Be I've Been ... Trolled?

No, I don't write THAT kind!

Could It Be I've Been ... Trolled?


General definition: Fear of homosexuals/homosexuality.

Actual usage by many homosexuals & their sympathizers:

1. A buzz word for denigrating any person in disagreement/opposition or any perceived form of disagreement/oppostion.

2. Anyone/anything homosexuals don't like.


Some months ago, I started posting my anime fanfiction on the website (When there, look up author C V Ford.). Thought I'd expand my exposure & I've done OK so far.

The site gives any reader an option to review a story & I've had a few, most of them favorable, a couple less so. Unfavorable reviews don't bother me as they're usually informative/constructive. As for any "malicious" or snarky ones ... well ... That's the risk you take. One kind of got me to wondering.

Some time back I posted an Azumanga Daioh fanfic titled "Not So Oblivious". To make a long story description short, the Kaorin character is "scared straight" albeit in a good way. So far I have gotten two positive reviews & one on the negative side.

The "negative" one was in two short words: "How sad".

Hmmm ... Not exactly a comment made out of unbridled joy. As for me, I'm the sentimental type. I cry when I see no smoking signs.

It got me to thinking. Was this reviewer ... THAT way?

I took a look at his/her profile page & sure enough ... he/she is. Bi & VERY proud of it.

As anyone who knows me can tell you, my views on homosexuality are less than favorable. I will only say that we are ALL one day coming before the Lord to be judged for something(s) or other & I pray we will all find the surprise to be pleasant.

As for the reviewer in question:

If he's bisexual, why would he think the ending of the story to be "how sad"? If he swings both ways, the ending really shouldn't have mattered, would it?

If he's secure in his "lifestyle"/identity, etc., why would he feel a need to make such a comment?

Was he making a joke? ... or ...

Maybe he really didn't care much for the story ... OK.

Or maybe he's just a heterophobe.

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  1. The Internet has porn for everything. Fuckin get used to it you whiny bitch!

    1. Hmm ... Looks like one of those heterophobes just checked in.