Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This Is A Test

This Is A Test

This is a test (Not a pop quiz. This makes up 35% of your final grade.) of the Emergency Blogging System. This is only a test.

Bzzzzzzrp! Bzzzzzzrp! Bzzzzzzrp! Bzzrp! Bzzrp! Bzzrp!


This concludes our test of the Emergency Blogging System. This blog, in cooperation with the FCC, Homeland Insecurity, local authorities & other intrusive agencies is participating in a network designed to deal with emergencies (Real or otherwise.).

Had this been an actual/bogus emergency or false flag operation, you would receive instructions directing you to your nearest politician/community organizer/authority figure of whatever political stripe, in order for you to benefit from his/her/its sage guidance and advice (Be sure to check all firearms, money, survival gear & free thought at the camp gate.).

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming/mind candy/propaganda /indoctrination.

An actual film about how much the government cares & wants to help.

Wikipedia article on This Is Not A Test movie here.

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  1. I downloaded thia awhile back to check it out. Must watch it, now!

    1. You'll find it to be a bit plodding & literally ... claustrophobic!

      Mr. Glass' charactor (The cop.) makes nazis look absolutely cuddly!