Tuesday, June 18, 2013

THAT'S Tonto? ... You're Kidding ... ... ... Right?

Depp tries to put the chemo in kemo sabe. This is sad.
Just because you can cosplay doesn't mean you should.

THAT'S Tonto? ... You're Kidding ... ... ... Right?

I like a good joke & all but ... Come on! THAT'S Tonto? You sure? More like Freako!

"Look Clayton! Those two dipwads are trying to pass them
selves off as us!" "Yeah Jay, it's pretty sad what some people
'll do for attention. By the way, just WHAT does kemo sabe
mean?" "You DON'T want to know ... kemo sabe." 

Now really! That orc THING looks more like something out of that abortion Peter Jackson has been passing off as Lord of the Rings. Tonto? Who you people tryin' to kid?

Shoot! I'm OFFENDED! ... And I'm racist! This is gonna make the Klinton Spilsbury flick look good. And folks wonder why I don't go to the movies anymore ...

By the way ... Someone should tell Armie Hammer that good "stage names" AREN'T found on boxes of baking soda.

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