Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A "Word" From the National Guard

A "Word" From the National Guard

The following is a FICTITIOUS "script" for a National Guard public service ad. This is not to malign the National Guard but to be taken in the CAUTIONARY SPIRIT for which it is intended.

Man: I remember the moment clearly.

Woman: I'll never forget that moment.

M: As long as I live.

W: It changed my life.

M: I'd been training with my team for months ... And now had been called up for the first time. At that moment it hit me. This is why I joined the Guard. The real deal.

W: We're soldiers. Always ready to protect our GOVERNMENT. And we have communities ... Family, friends, neighbors who must be closely watched.

M: Free thinking was getting dangerously close to dissent. At that moment, I felt just how important the Guard is to my GOVERNMENT.

W: And I was going to make a difference, right here in my community.

M: Together with local enforcers, we incarcerated dissidents & confiscated weapons & literature. We had to get the people & the situation under control.

W: As a citizen enforcer, I made a difference.

Announcer: Be there ... For your GOVERNMENT. See how the Guard can be an important part of your life & what it means to be a citizen enforcer at ----nationalguard.com.

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