Tuesday, December 27, 2016



Saw a couple quibcags (quote introduced by cute anime girl) on the Ex-Army blog 'n thought I'd add my two cents.

Of course we know how the presidential election itself went and the above "cag" pretty much says it all. The hive mind that calls itself the Democratic Party and has a jackasshole as it's symbol, worked very hard to get that haridan elected.

For the last eight years, it had been building up to what they thought was a sure thing.

You may recall it starting out as "eight years Obama, eight years Hillary" (These jerks were so DAMN confident the second four would go to her as well!). Then it was "I'm ready for Hillary!" They had all but crowned that she-orc as the Empress of the Universe.

There was NO WAY she could lose. We might as well have just skipped the election and made it official by coronating her.


Because the pundits SAID SO, that's why!

Happy for us all, what they thought to be the joker in the deck turned out not to be a jack but the ace of diamonds.

I laughed my posterior off over this one!

As I'm a Lovecraft fan and actually work at a university (There's all these safe space/zone, rainbow crap stickers/signs all over the place.), I thought I'd throw in the above quibcag as well.

This is my last blog post for this year. Hope you had a GREAT Christmas. I know I did. The election was more than just "gravy on the rice".

Have a safe, happy and prosperous new year ...

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  1. Vincent Price on Star Trek! That's an alternative universe I'd like to visit!

    1. All due respect to Mr. Campbell but yeah ... Price would have made a GREAT Trelaine.

      I think he'd have made a good Q if he had been in much better health in his last years.


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