Sunday, December 4, 2016

Dear Leftists, Liberals, and Progressives

Cobbed this from Armands' Rancho Del Cielo blog who in turn:

The following was posted today by John Paul Straub at The Deplorables Facebook page:

Dear Leftists, Liberals, and Progressives,

You lost this election because you got up every day and loudly accused anyone who didn't agree with you of being a racist, misogynist, bigot, homophobic.

You lost because you did nothing but spew hate for 8 years while telling us yours was an ideology of love.

You lost because you stole from America via taxation while telling us that we were the greedy ones.

You lost because you dropped more bombs, killed more with drone strikes, and increased tensions with a nuclear superpower all while telling us that we were the war-mongers.

You lost because the cities that you controlled spiraled into poverty and crime all while you told us that our policies disenfranchised people.

You lost because you told us that gender is simply a social construct all while telling us that Hillary should be president because of her gender.

You lost because you support and take money from regimes that imprison or kill gays, subjugate women, and think that rape is a man's right all while telling us that we hate gays, are afraid of women, and promote a culture of rape.

You did not lose because we are racist. You did not lose because we are homophobic.

You did not lose because we are misogynists or bigots.

You lost because you are liars. You lost because you are hypocrites. You lost because you were not witty or clever enough to even hide those facts very well.


The Rest of America

What I THINK is The Deplorables facebook addy here. If not, it oughta' be. Has some GREAT funny pro-Trump illustrations! Two of which I swiped for this article.

Armands' Rancho del Cielo, where I got wind of this article here. Mr. Vaquer is the unofficial U.S. Ambassador to Japan ... At least I think he is.

Here is probably the most iconic "snowflake meltdown" ever. She looks like a real killer tomato!

A very calm pro-Trump reaction to the election here ... NOT!

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