Sunday, January 1, 2017


Those who've seen the Hetalia anime get the joke.
credit: awesomeariel


First ... I believe that any hacking into private computer e-mails, data bases, etc. to be unethical. As a "small L" libertarian I believe privacy sacred. If the Russians did "hack" into the e-mails of the DNC and others to influence the election then what they did was wrong ... period.

But ...

I still can't shake the feeling of relief I have over how the election turned out. I can't help but feel good about what was revealed in those e-mails may have helped in keeping that vile creature from gaining the presidency regardless of possible Russian involvement.

So ...

Were the Russians involved? Maybe ... Maybe not. Yes, the malicious codes used by the Russians in the past were used in this. However, these codes have been found by "white hat" hackers and posted out on the net for all the world to see for several years now. Anyone savvy enough to use them could and SOMEONE obviously did.

Other than that, there's not much in the way of evidence presented to show that the Russkies did it.

But if so ...

Thank God for Mother Russia!

At least this time.

And ...

Wether the Russ were involved or not doesn't mitigate the fact that what was revealed on those hacked e-mails ARE true.

They show the correspondence of DNC members on:

1. Collusion with (fake) news media organizations in supporting Clinton. "It's not fake if WE manipulate, play up or even make it up!"

2. How the DNC was screwing Bernie Sanders during primary season. Trotsky loses again!

3. How various polling organizations would manipulate data in supporting Clinton.

4. Donna Brazile giving Clinton "heads up" on some debate questions that would be asked during the primary season.

Does my being happy of alleged Russian involvement in the election make me a cynical hypocrite in light of my opposition to hacking for any reason?

Yeah ...

But hey ... The left does "the same thing".

Whatever it is, if we do it, it's wrong, evil, racist, dirty, etc. When they do it, it's "social justice".

Its ...

"Friends on the left, none on the right."

And ...

"It's not fascism if the right people are doing it."

The left has taught us well if we'd only learn from it.

To the left in general I say: Yes ... I'm just as hypocritical and rotten as you are.

But you're no where near as happy as I am right now.

Jus' sayin' ...

Lesson learned: Don't grab the handle on your way out!

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