Monday, January 16, 2017


Nasty little b-----d!


Am just getting over the flu. Three to four days of hi-temp hi-jinks to be followed by up to two weeks of congestion phlegm-fest.

Usually I get whatever bug is out there long after everyone else around springtime. Came early this year.

I'm sure El Donaldo has some kind plan for combating the flu and I have a suggestion:

Find whatever fetid swamp in Asia these dang bugs breed in and NUKE THAT SUCKER!

I'm absolutely sure it's the same vile backwater that bred the Black Plague, Spanish Flu, AIDS, Ebola, Islam, the present bad state of anime and Strawberry Rash. It's probably somewhere in the wilds of China, Xinjiang maybe, and I'm sure the Chinese are in the hopes of using it for developing bio weapons of one sort or another.

Of course one must be careful when targeting that breeding ground. Dire consequences in the form of "super bugs", mutations, flesh eating zombies and rapture bunnies could result. I've seen enough bad movies to know and that's what makes me an expert on such things.

Stay well guys.

Jus' sayin' ...

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