Monday, August 29, 2016

Pretty Much My Attitude On EVERYTHING

Pretty Much My Attitude On EVERYTHING

Found this little bombast while lurking at the Storm Front forum message board under the thread title of:

Re: To those of you here who are childless by choice: how can you justify this decision and still be pro-White?

Defiant White Male

First off its hard enough to provide for myself let alone other lives. Many Whites believe in establishing financial stability and all, before having kids. Most White parents are also in committed relationships, while many non-Whites don't know who their own father is. I had someone in mind I was going to ask to marry me, and that relationship ended. After that, I was never too crazy about dating too much in this modern jude society of hookup culture. I also wanted to be in a better situation financially before getting married. It would be pretty asshole of me to ask a woman to marry me whom I cannot provide for. Just doesn't feel right.

Now, I'm at a point to where I see zero reason to bust my ass. I've no desire to work anymore and work as little as possible because this society is anti-White heterosexual male to its core, so why the hell should I spend most of my waking hours serving it? Working for a society that wants to eliminate me as they thrive off my labor. No thanks. I'm well aware of what my tax dollars go to, what they fund. Most employers are anti-White, pro-multicultural, most pay is garbage in comparison to the requirements and demands of the job. No thanks, would rather sleep in. Save the commute to work in 6 AM heavy traffic with the rest of the goy worker drones.

I've lost the desire to work for the financial stability I used to care about. I'm physically and mentally drained from all the horse s--t here in the JEWNITED SLAVES. I've seen some real lousy situations and lived through some sh*tty times. It's physically and mentally taxing. Combine that with my awakening in my early 20's, it's a bit of an overload for me as is, so working 60 hours per week for dirt pay serving a society that hates me just ain't in my future.

I'm not going to be a go-getter for this $ystem and allow it to thrive off my heavily taxed labor while in return I can't even afford health care or home ownership. F--- that. Some here might view that as a bad attitude. Fair enough. But I just believe in being able to provide for a wife and kid and if I can't do that, it's hard enough for all you men who do bust your asses, then I am not going to have kids if there's a chance they're going to go hungry or not have what they need. I believe in giving children a pleasant, comfortable childhood. Best years of a persons' life imho. It was for me anyway.

Also, I was aware of some of the issues we faced back when I was very, very young. But now, the schools are worse than ever. They are trying to breed retarded and Marxist faggots and man-hating dykes. Your school district is doing this to your kids. If you have the nerve to teach your own kids right, say, that homos and trannies are mentally ill, avoid em son, and the school finds out ... I could have my kid taken away from me.

I don't know how I could do that, if I had kids I'd love them more than anyone in the world, how in the hell could I send them to a school that would destroy them and break their spirit? Now that I look back on my time in school, seeing it all through an adult's eyes, I'm enraged. I saw some $hit in my days at the public school. I couldn't send someone I love off to a school and being away from home all day trying to earn and provide for my family makes homeschool not possible. Most mothers have to work nowadays, it is one reason the jew insisted on women being career oriented. It's all a ploy to get the parents away from the kids so they can sink their venom in.

I don't think anyone should have to justify being pro-White though. It's just something I feel. Probably my best trait TBH. But if I were to pass that on to offspring they could end up in a gulag, who knows how bad things will be when the White kids of today are grown.

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