Thursday, August 4, 2016

Khizr Kahns' Cheap Shot

Khizr Kahns' Cheap Shot

Last week, at the invitation of the Dem party, Khizr Kahn, a Sharia scholar/lawyer spoke at the Dem National Convention and attempted to call Donald Trumps' character into question. He made mention of his son killed in action in Iraq in 2004 and declared that Mr. Trump "sacrificed nothing".

Whether this was an attempt at a "moral equivalency" ploy (In regard to Pat Smith.) or a move to bait Mr. Trump remains to be seen. Unfortunately Mr. Trump bit at it and thus a media bruhaha came about. Hopefully Mr. Trump has learned a lesson from this and stays on his theme ("The country is going to hell, I can fix it and Hillary can't.") from now on.

Some thoughts about Mr. Kahn:

1. I can't say for sure what Mr. Kahns' motivation was for, yes, attacking Mr. Trump but I can surmise that it had partly to do with the false belief that Mr. Trump wants to bar all Muslims from immigrating here.

Being the religious bigot and racist bastard that I am, I regret that's NOT the case. Mr. Trump only wants a temporary halt on immigration from the mid-east until a more effective vetting process in weeding out possible radicals and terrorists is in place.

Having been active in the white supremacist movement back in the day, I KNOW that Mr. Trump would have come across as a great disappointment at the hate rallies and paranoia fests I attended.

2. Mr. Khan has stated in the past that Sharia law should supersede the Constitution. It's rather interesting Khan waved that copy of the Constitution for all the world to see and questioned Trumps' knowledge of it. It's a good bet that Mr. Trump knows more about Sharia law than what Khan expresses about the Constitution.

3. Mr. Kahns' figuratively "throwing down" the body of his son at Mr. Trumps' feet I find creepy at best. This is no better than those pathologicals exploiting dead children in the name of "gun control".

Allowing the use of his deceased son for the purpose of Clinton and the Dem party to "dance" on for political gain I find revolting. His sons' duty and sacrifice can never be cheapened. Mr. Kahn has only dishonored himself. Truly, in this case, the son is greater than the father.

4. Pat Smiths' loss came about due to Clintons' and the present administrations' negligence in taking proper measures that could have given a more favorable outcome to the Benghazi fiasco.

Mr. Kahns' loss came about from Bushs' NOT needed invasion of Iraq. Saddam Hussein learned his lesson from Desert Storm and was quite content to oppress those within his borders, weapons of mass destruction (Or the lack of the presence thereof.) notwithstanding. Mr. Trump had actually opposed this invasion.

5. Mr. Trumps' having or not having sacrificed anything is neither here nor there. Any claim to Mr. Kahn having some kind of moral high ground over Mr. Trump rings a bit hollow with me. Except for Mr. Trumps' lame reply to George Stephanopoulos' inquiry, I don't think Mr. Trump ever tried to come across as any kind of suffering saint.

Just sayin' ...

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