Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Monster Movie Muzak!

Monster Movie Muzak!

For a while I've had some You Tube compilations of various assorted title music from a number of my favorite creature features from the '50s and '60s. I noticed a few (Lost Continent, Angry Red Planet, etc.) were missing from the selections.

On searching for them I decided to You Tube the whole film, Lost Continent (Lippert, 1951.) just for the opening credits music. I noticed the composers' name, Paul Dunlap, in the creds and decided to use the You Tube search option in the hopes I could get the isolated opening score. Much to my delight I found two compilations of Mr. Dunlaps' music, the first of which started off with the very selection I was looking for.

Below are links to the various Sci-Fi movie music compilations I've downloaded. If you want to save these selections (Or anything else from You Tube!) to your hard drive then go to savefrom.net and follow the instructions. I've found it to be a VERY handy online site for grabbing stuff from You Tube and Dailymotion.

Giant Monster Music here.

Classic '50s Sci-Fi themes here.

Classic '50s Sci-Fi themes pt. 2 here.

Film Music of Paul Dunlap pt. 1 here.

Film Music of Paul Dunlap pt. 2 here.


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