Friday, July 29, 2016

It's Called ... Sarcasm

It's Called ... Sarcasm

Taking and editing a quote from Donald Trumps' latest press conference out of context, the pathologicals at CNN, etc. would have you believe Mr. Trump is inviting foreign powers to hack at our government computer nets and engage in espionage in general.

Here's the exact quote:

"Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. Let's see if that happens. That'll be next."

The thirty grand reference is in regard to the e-mails that were deleted off the private server Clinton had when she was Secretary of State. The quote itself is in regard to the recent Wikileaks revelation of the Democrat National Committees' e-mails about the low regard the DNC has for its' constituencies and the backstabbing of Bernie Sanders in assuring Clinton of securing the presidential nomination.

The DNC would have you believe the real issue is about Russia hacking into their system (OH NO! It's a commie plot! The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!) and possible complicity by Donald Trump. After all, didn't El Donaldo just welcome their involvement?


1. Whether the Russkies did it or not is NOT the issue. The REAL issue is the DNCs' utter contempt for their constituencies and the American electorate as a whole as proven by the content of their e-mails.

Any Democrats reading this, keep in mind: You don't matter. What matters to the DNC is to get that haridan in the White House and to hell with what you think.

2. What Mr. Trump said is not a declaration of allegiance to a foreign power. What it is is a snarky aside to the DNCs' fear, paranoia and embarrassment at being found out.

It's called ... SARCASM: A form of exaggeration used to point out the stupidities and/or shortcomings of another. In this case, the DNC.

In short ... It's HUMOR.

My message to the DNC, its' sympathizers and other pathologicals.

Screw you ... Even if you CAN take a joke!

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  1. We now know those e-mails were discovered when Russians hacked into the DNC computer. The question that brings up is -- why would the Russians want to hurt Clinton? Why would they want to interfere in the United States election? The obvious answer is they were trying to boost the candidacy of Donald Trump.

    But perhaps the most important reason is Trump's attacks on NATO. Trump has said NATO is outdated, and even suggested that he would not act to defend some NATO countries (who he claims are not paying their share of the burden). That had to be music to Putin's ears.

    NATO is the primary defense of Europe against Russian aggression, and Europe depends on the United States keeping its word and honoring the treaty. Hillary Clinton would do that. Donald Trump has said he might not. Donald Trump would make NATO weaker, and maybe useless.

    That's the real reason Russia would act to help Trump -- because Trump admires Putin and does not believe in NATO.

    1. The point of my article is the DNCs' contempt for its' constituencies, the Dem party rank and file members in general and the backstabbing of Mr. Sanders.

      While Russia may be a big menace to the "free world", I view Clinton and the Dem party to be a bigger menace to the United States. Clinton may support NATO, but in my view does not support our country. The damage she intends to do to our constitutional rights and civil liberties through Supreme Court nominations, executive decree and a possible rubber stamp congress are more of a concern to me than the "entangling foreign alliances" of NATO.

      While I do share some of your concerns about NATO, my concern for the situation here at home is greater.


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