Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia: Pitch It

This wallpaper says it all.

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia: Pitch It

A rather playful/horny ghost babe haunts a middle school in general and a "lucky" young man in particular. Hi-jinks abound throughout though about a third of the way through we find another ghost is also haunting the school. Hints along the way make you see the grand revelation a mile away: It turns out to be the "negative" other half of the ghost babe who happens to be royally ticked off over a tragically grave injustice (A la Hell Girl.) that caused her death in the first place. The two "halves" eventually merge and we then have some filler episodes and an OVA.

What's aggravating is this story could have been done in a single film instead of stretching it out to a thirteen episode show.

Kind of reminds me of the film, The Legend of Hell House, wherein it's revealed all the ghosts in the house are actually one hostile (VERY!) spirit impersonating separate entities. See this instead of Dusk.

What also made this next to unwatchable was Brittney Karbowskis' (English dub.) excruciatingly bubbly delivery of the Momoe character. I had to fight myself from skipping over the scenes involving her.

Now, I really LIKE Ms. Karbowski. Her Yuri Nakamura in Angel Beats and Yukina Sonogi in Night Raid 1931 are excellent (When I heard Luci Christian, who's great at voicing "bad" girls, wasn't going to be Nakamura in Angel beats I was disappointed ... That is until I heard Ms. Karbowski.). I guess when they told her they wanted bubbly/happy, she did too good a job.

If you must see this one, "youtube" it first and save yourself some bucks.

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